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Inspiring Creativity

Visionary Design

The vision of Modern Motion is crystal clear. Our focus is to develop ground-breaking, sustainably-led products and solutions that make a tangible difference to people’s lives, by responding to challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world. We aim to deliver this through innovative design, artistry and collaboration with our customers, industry specialists and trusted business partners.

Recliner Chairs

We offer many modern styles of recliners in a range of colourful fabrics, leathers and bases. Built to exceptional quality and comfort, we strive to bring you the best relaxation a chair can give.​

Customer Focused

At Modern Motion, our customer-centric approach considers the complete design and manufacturing process, from innovation to installation. An affinity for the use of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable materials is in our DNA. We collaborate with specialists as part of a multi-disciplinary team, to ensure that each project achieves its full potential. Overcoming complex technical challenges in the pursuit of creative and efficient solutions is a prime motivator for our business.


We are happy to discuss various different coverings, base options and other styles to ensure your chair fits perfectly into your home or anywhere else it may be needed.

“A great product has meaning, emotion and functionality, the combination of which is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Gary Doy  |  Design Director

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Stuart - Storm 37 - Round Untreated Oak - Scene.jpg


Flex - Storm 18 - Untreated Oak - Scene.jpg


Fitzroy - Storm 97 - Domed Wenge - Scene.jpg

Full Mobility

Interior Designer at Work
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